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Muppets – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

February 10, 2007

In my opinion Janice (band’s hippie lead guitar player and Sgt. Floyd Pepper (band’s bass guitar player) performed this even better than Simon&Garfunkel :) Even Animal was unexpectedly peaceful in front of such nice ballad.

Lyrics of the song 50 ways to leave your lover you can find here. But I heard someone actually wrote a parody 50 ways to love your liver. Lyrics of that parody you can find here.

I see that there are many muppet fans out there (yay!:), so from time to time I will post some video about them on the blog. I still hope someone gets them back on TV.


reading thrillers

February 9, 2007

On January 30th, this year, my favourite novel writer Sidney Sheldon passed away in his 90th year. From my childhood I was reading much. One can say that reading books is my passion. My father is a collector of old books, we have more than 1400 I guess, and also my aunt worked in a big bookshop, which had many books and most importantly all the new titles. I used to sit there on a chair for hours and reading books. So, I remember, when I was 14 year old – I read my first novel written by mr. Sheldon – Master of the Game, in that bookshop. I remember that it was so interesting that I always held my breath in suspense to see what will happen next. I never read so interesting and attention catching novel before that. Later on, I read many of his books. Perhaps most interesting one for me was his novel about Spain – The Sands of Time. His writing style is unique. And in the novel Tell me your dreams, there is most unexpected ending ever. Yesterday I was mentioning autobiographies, and last novel that mr. Sheldon wrote is actually his autobiography – The Other Side of Me, which was published in 2005.

I have never read it yet, but I am look forward to reading it. It starts with his being 17 years old and since those were the years after great depression in USA (in 1929, and then it was 1934) he was totally disappointed and wanted to commit suicide. I am so glad that he did not do it. Such talented author, his writing style always in present tense, his playing with italic font to create distinction between thinking world and objective world. I have impression that Dan Brown copied that technique from him, but in my opinion not with the same success. Sheldon used it better.

Who else writes novels that you read with your mouth open. Victor Hugo of course. Les Miserables are fantastic, I could only think what could happen if mr. Hugo was movie director – what kind of deep thrillers he would make. Few weeks ago I watched movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Sir Anthony Hopkins playing Quasimodo (he played the role so good, I was amazed). I fancy that the book is even more thrilling than the movie. Nobel prize winning novel Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz is also a thriller when you are nearing end of the novel, but at the same time it is novel that embodies highest spiritual feelings and superb hedonistical style of describing Petronius (in positive way) and emperor Nero (in negative, hedonism-degrading way), and perhaps it is the best love story (Vinitius and Lygia) ever written – all in all, it is probably the deepest novel I have ever read.

In yesterdays comment Barbara recommended to me reading the autobiography of Vittorio Alfieri. I browsed project Gutenberg and found autobiography of one also interesting and famous Italian – and documentary of that autobiography I saw on Viasat History TV Channel. And we can certainly say that Giacomo Casanova led pretty interesting life. His autobiography was very famous at that time.

Somewhere I read that Victor Hugo’s dream was that Paris would be called after his name. If that had become the reality – we would have now Une Romaine a Hugo blogging instead :)

rediscovering autobiographies

February 8, 2007

palm IIIxe

“There is properly no history; only biography”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

These days I have intense wish to read biographies and autobiographies. And I really wish to read about that golden period of history – XIX century. Impressionists were painting in France, and Henry David Thoreau went to the woods to write his diary there. Serbian inventor Michael Pupin went to USA and wrote to me very dear Pulitzer winning autobiography From Immigrant to Inventor, in which he portrays the true american spirit, and when you read that book you see how America was great country comparing to Europe then. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote his immortal Essays, and believe me I am spending nights in reading his collected works, and I stand in awe in front of his language (I still don’t get it how could he wrote like that!) Who can write in such fiery words if not that philosopher poet from Boston, who wrote Self-Reliance – essay that became solid inspiration and foundation of my system of values. And there are poems of Emily Dickinson. And of course, we cannot avoid Nikola Tesla serbian poet-scientist who gave the world alternating currents. Many many interesting people were born in XIX century.

Now I know that books are expensive, and one is not always in mood to go to the library too. But that is why project Gutenberg is there. You can find ove 20000 free e-books there, and there is always top list of 100 books and authors if you are not sure what to read (I never paid too much attention to that top list so far, but it is nice to know it exists). Good thing is that Gutenberg library offers books in Plucker format, which is suitable for reading on your Palm device. I have prehistoric model, Palm IIIxe, with grey display and 8 MB of memory, but truth to be told, I like to read books on it. And I don’t like to read books on the computer screen (I do it only when I have to). Now I entered word biography in searchbox on Gutenberg site, and it gives me 90 results back (you can try to type memoirs too). So there will be a lot of good (and free reading) for me in next period.

If you have Palm but do not have Plucker, you can download it from here. From the list I chose autobiography of actress Sarah Bernhardt. I was reading first few chapters this morning, and I was very immersed in the story. And so far, I really enjoy reading it a lot. So I will provide link for it here:

My Double Life – The Memoirs of Sarah Bernhardt

If you know some good biography or autobiography that you have read and enjoyed it, kindly recommend it in comments please.

Rita Moreno & Animal – “Fever”

February 7, 2007

I remember last year on Belgrade Marathon while I was waiting for my friends at the finish line, one jazz band was playing, among all other stuff, opening theme from Muppet Show. You know the song; It’s time to put on makeup..It’s time to dress up right..It’s time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight :) Oh well, at the middle of the song, one man from that band said to the microphone -People, Animal couldn’t stand it anymore- and then all instruments went silent, so the drummer was drumming like crazy I am sure not less than 10 minutes! Then they continued with the song. I was laughing and laughing, that really brightened my day :)

Rita Moreno won Emmy award for appearance in this episode of Muppet Show. The above clip was filmed in 1977. I loved Muppets so much, and this is my appeal to all TV people in charge – please give us Muppets back! They were the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational – this is what we call the Muppet Show!

how to put NO FUR sticker on your WordPress blog

February 6, 2007

It is easy. If you wish to do it, here is how it can be done.

First you need text widget. WordPress allows you to have 9 text widgets. Kindly go to Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets. Take text widget with your mouse, left click and hold, and drag and drop it into the sidebar – on place you wish. If you do not have enough text widgets you can increase their availability from drop down menu beside question How many text widgets would you like?

Click on the right side of text widget and text box will open with title and body for HTML. I thought it would be nice if this sticker hyperlinks to the homepage of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Now in title you can write your message about not using fur. In the main text window write this code


Then close window by clicking anywhere outside it, and Save Changes.

I have already done that in my blog so you can see how it looks like. This is easy and everyone can do it. If you do not want to put this sticker on your blog, you can print it on printer and make interesting badge. All in all, be creative, there are many ways to say to other people that you do not feel like that animals should be killed because of someone’s notions of fashion. Let us join to appeal of people who make new fashion – fashion that says fur is out. There is no aesthetics in killing animals for fashion – let us all say what we think and really prove that we are civilised. No fur!

And one more thing – you may find it difficult to become vegetarian at this moment. I hope you will reconsider that option in the future someday, but when it comes to wearing fur – it is very, very easy to renounce wearing it. Just say no, and help higher and more humane taste in fashion to evolve. It is easy. We can do it!

Address of NO FUR sticker, if you want to print it out on paper is
Note, it is address that you have to put in img src tag in text widget, see code example above.

O Captain! My Captain!

February 2, 2007

Where are now teachers like Mr. Keating? Rise poets, rise, your destiny is freedom! Mr. Peter Weir, my infinite gratitude for this movie!

Nastassja Kinski and the Academy Awards

January 24, 2007

So we heard the nominations for 79th Academy Awards. If you haven’t heard it in news you can check the list of the nominees.

Do you trust the taste which was displayed so far in giving the Oscars?

Let us begin with the Oscar for the best picture. Here you have the list of all the winners for best picture since 1928. I have to say that two of mine all favourite movies actually won this prestigious award. They are Braveheart (1995) and Forrest Gump (1994). I am sure that Shawshank Redemption (1994) would also won this award if it wasn’t nominated same year as Forrest. Those three are super excellent movies.

Also Schindler list (1993) and A Beautiful Mind (2001) are very touching movies, based on the true stories.

I cannot understand why Shakespeare in Love (1998) and Million Dollar Baby (2004) got Oscars for the best picture, at all! But tastes are different. De gustibus est non disputandum.

Why I am mentioning Nastassja Kinski in this post? First off, today is her birthday – Happy Birthday, Nastassja! Much, much joy & peace!

Secondly, I really do hope she will get Oscar in the future. I really cannot understand that she was never even nominated, and that some other actresses, whose names I will not mention here, won Oscars. You can find here the list of all actresses and all actors who won title for Best Actor/Actress.

In Wikipedia I was surprised to read,

During the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s Nastassja Kinski was widely regarded as an international sex symbol.

This is not well said. It is true that in that period she made tremendous influence and had many fans, but when you say that an actress is regarded as sex symbol that is degrading. At least in her case it is degrading – she is such a great actress. Perhaps shopping oriented pop trash culture needs such bombastic titles as “sex symbol”, but let us remind ourselves that acting is an art and not production. And Nastassja is in acting what great poets are in poetry. I do not see that actresses have such sublime influence now as she used to have in 1980-ties, except for perhaps Monica Bellucci that has the capacity (did great job in Malena, but majority of people that I asked is even unaware of the hidden message in movie Malena [in sentence “Buona fortuna, signora Malèna” at the end, without that message one cannot understand true genius of Giuseppe Tornatore the director of this movie]).

Art is not a democracy so that everyone should vote. As in Athens masses decided the destiny of Socrates, so today’s masses decide destiny of art. There is so little poetry in this consumer society. Where are movies like Hair now? Where are the ideals? I don’t care about mentalizations about what art is and what is not – I want to feel like I felt after watching Hair, or Braveheart, or Shawshank Redemption. What R.W.Emerson and his Boston Transcendentalists did in America in XIX century, and Robin Williams in movie “Dead Poets Society”, we need now in movie realm. We need depths that are more than just psychological or intellectual. We need that more than special effects and make-up. Movies should be means to inspire us to seek for higher heights, and not mainly recordings of meaningless violence in this world. We need multimedial dreamers, modern visionaries who will understand creative and inspirational capacity of the medium such as film is.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

Albert Einstein

What do you think? Who is your favourite for winning Oscar this year?