light blue

It’s raining today in Belgrade, and sky is somehow grey. But yesterday, it was unexpectedly beautiful weather for this time of year. And I got one unexpected phone call. It was my friend Marijana calling me to go out to athletic track to run. I was so happy – there has been a while since I ran last time, inertia and laziness overwhelmed me, but now I wear on my running shoes, and go in front of the building. There is she arriving with a car in few minutes, and then we go towards athletic track. I don’t like to walk there (later in that case I am not inspired to run) I prefer to go with a car, and of course I like to run with my friends much more than when I am alone – though when I run alone it is also very inspiring, because I just tend to make friendship with beautiful trees and flowers around me – and at the same time I am focused inside, so I am bathing in the sea of peace and joy inwardly. What joy can be compared to running? I wouldn’t be so sincerely joyful even if I bought Intel Quadcore processor (which would certainly make me very satisfied). What can bring you more peace than running? Even the skies above seem more blue while you run.

We did not run more than 800 m, for it is always better to start spontaneously after longer pause (in June we used to run much more). Rest of time we spent in walking and exercising (lawn beside track got richer for some training equipment in the meantime – one can do now all kinds of pull ups and crunches and dips etc). That is also good because if you add some more activity to running it gives you even more joy if you can see progress there too during weeks and months.

Today is raining in Belgrade, as I already mentioned. And the sky is somehow grey. But that will not stop me to run few hundred meters when I go out – for I’ve already discovered the secret. When you run the sky is blue – whatever it be in the objective world. Joy to all!



8 Responses to “light blue”

  1. uneromaineaparis Says:

    Actually I’d rather running all alone, so that I can focus on my thoughts; I find it extremely relaxing; by the way, stop running under the rain or you’ll become an old man with a lot of rheumatisms! :-)

  2. dreams.corner Says:

    No way I’ll let you run alone :-) You just choose the race – Paris marathon if you prefer longer distance or Rieti IAAF Grand Prix athletic meeting if you prefer shorter races, or we can just run on the banks of Tiber the river :-)

    Or, by far the best, to go to run on pink beaches of Isola Maddalena :-)

    Unfortunately I did not go out yesterday to run in the rain :-( inertia, inertia, but Maja had just called again, so we go out to run this evening again for sure.

  3. uneromaineaparis Says:

    hey, so you read about the Rieti meeting! you’re amazing! :-) actually I agree with you about running on pink beaches on Isola Maddalena! :-)
    enjoy your running, Dej! :-)

  4. francesca01 Says:

    bellissima immagine…

  5. pourquoiécrivezvous Says:

    Hello Dej, just dropped by to leave you my new website link. Hope you’re doing better… :-)

  6. Дејан Says:


  7. D Says:
  8. pw23 Says:

    Your girl friend Marijanne? cool stuff.

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