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a morning stroll

November 3, 2007

yellow-leavesfs.jpgThis morning I was strolling with my mom in the neighbourhood, and let me tell you, Belgrade is beautiful in autumn. Yellow leaves everywhere around on the asphalt often gave impression of some beautiful natural carpet. We went to the church, and I lit some candles there. I like very much to light candles in the church, and often it brings me some deep peace in my heart. When we were buying candles I noticed the little book about St. Seraphim of Sarov, and so I asked mom to buy it. He is one of my favourite Saints from Russia. He greeted all with the words: “My joy!” (“radosti moja” in Serbian translation, so sweet words) and I was often impressed reading how his heart was full of forgiveness. Then we walked back home, and stopped to nearby bakery to buy bread and yogurt. I was so joyful to see that they are selling chocolate milk too – it is my kind of nectar. We also collected some seeds of flowers and sunflowers, I don’t know if it will grow on our balcony we have to wait for the spring, so we shall see then.