Rita Moreno & Animal – “Fever”

I remember last year on Belgrade Marathon while I was waiting for my friends at the finish line, one jazz band was playing, among all other stuff, opening theme from Muppet Show. You know the song; It’s time to put on makeup..It’s time to dress up right..It’s time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight :) Oh well, at the middle of the song, one man from that band said to the microphone -People, Animal couldn’t stand it anymore- and then all instruments went silent, so the drummer was drumming like crazy I am sure not less than 10 minutes! Then they continued with the song. I was laughing and laughing, that really brightened my day :)

Rita Moreno won Emmy award for appearance in this episode of Muppet Show. The above clip was filmed in 1977. I loved Muppets so much, and this is my appeal to all TV people in charge – please give us Muppets back! They were the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational – this is what we call the Muppet Show!


6 Responses to “Rita Moreno & Animal – “Fever””

  1. uneromaineaparis Says:

    hello Dejan! :-) too nice!

  2. Michèle Says:

    I love the muppets too !!! One family friend used to help write the script..Bring ’em back !

  3. suburbanlife Says:

    Great Dejan! Thanks for this”-) My son was weaned on the Muppets, and he and I would lie on our stomachs and just watch, so it was necessary for me as well. We regularly did Muppet bedtime conversations . Let’s hope by the time people my age get to the old folks home, some wise recreational therapist will make daily Muppet watchings available.
    This one is so priceless – I love it! Boiiing! Whack! Ringing in the ears;-)

  4. adorablay Says:

    Yay Animal! I loved them so much! Thanks for this!!

  5. dreams.corner Says:

    -Me play drums!- (Animal)

    Thanks for kind comments everybody, let’s bring Muppets back!

  6. fairycross Says:

    Oh yes! More Muppet fans!!! Yay! I too loved the Muppets. I was born December 1974 so I can remember the Muppets from the late 70`s onwards!

    “Pigs … In…. Space!”and Miss Piggy…. “Hi…. ya!”… Brilliant!

    Beaker was great as well! and also Ralph on the piano!… then there were the two grumpy old men up in the balcony moaning about the show…. bah… humbug! LOL

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