compassion and love to animals

Who says that animals do not feel sublime emotions? We sometimes think that humans are superior beings, but in what plane are we concretely superior now? It is because we have mind, but mind is also responsible for some of the worst atrocities and oppressive social systems. Animals kill because such is their animal nature, but look what so called humans can sometimes do. I am not saying that in the future human beings will not be better than now, I wish that we all manage to discover more and more hidden treasures that everyone of us carries deep in one’s own heart (I am assured that then we will be more caring about animals). But now we must not think that we are so superior to animals, so that we think they have no rights. Sir Paul McCartney decided to become vegetarian when he and Lady Linda were eating lamb meal and at that moment they saw lambs outside in fields. I am not preaching to anyone to become vegetarian, such kind of decision everyone needs to take very consciously. In my case, I am vegetarian but I do eat milk, eggs and honey. Also my opinion is that you should let your children eat meat until they grow up to certain age. But to speak whole truth, once I was chatting with one programmer from India. He is follower of Sri Vaishnava spiritual path, and he told me that in his family nobody tasted meat for centuries ago!!! I was delighted to hear that such people actually exist and can live without meat – it is not true that meat is absolutely indispensable. But if we do not wish to give up on meat, at least we can do for our little animal brothers and sisters is to stop wearing fur and leather. My friends often tell me that we should not think so much of animal rights, when in today’s world nobody cares so much for human rights. But for me this does not follow. Are we civilised or not? Are we still going to fool ourselves that animals do not have such sublime feelings as we do? Next time when you see a cow, look in her eyes, look very carefully in her eyes please. In India they say: cow is giving us milk, therefore we regard her as our mother. What enlightened opinion! Browsing on the internet I managed to find a painting in oil where Krishna and Balarama are milking cows. Cow is considered in India to be holy animal. I applaude for that level of civilized atitude! (Painting is taken from collection on Vrindavan Art gallery) milking_cows.jpg


12 Responses to “compassion and love to animals”

  1. uneromaineaparis Says:

    Exactly! I love animals, all of them, and I feel real pity for them when I see them dying for men’s fault. I wish everyone were thinking like you…

  2. Swetha Says:

    My sentiments exactly! I don’t know what meat tastes like,I never touched it. But I lived, I enjoy good vegetarian food.I am healthy.Now why do animals have to butchered to satisfy our tastebuds or any other reason. The only way we can bring awareness is to actually show people from where and how they get meat. How animals are slaughtered. That would surely open few minds.

  3. adorablay Says:

    I have argued the “animals are intelligent” or rather more then most people would like to give them credit for, so many times until I am blue in the face. I don’t think my friends understand me in that line of thinking. Kudos to you though for writing exactly how I have felt about the issue. :)

  4. dreams.corner Says:

    Thank you all so much, dear friends! I am inspired this evening because of you! Barbara, why don’t you post some pics of your cats on your blog. I really would like to see them please :) Swetha, I am so thrilled to see that you have never tasted meat! I guess there are in India many people like you, but I don’t know anyone in Europe. Not only the awareness of the animals who are suffering will open human minds, but also I have opinion that vegetarian cuisine has more fulfilling taste, and brings much more pure joy to person. As you in India would say it – one has to develop taste for sattwic food. Vegetarian cuisine is actually more tasty than meat. Adora, of course that animals are more intelligent than people think, they just don’t have intellectual reasoning – but look at their faithfulness, look at the selflessness of their love. Look at the little lion picture about hugging his mother. Tell your friends that my opinion is that it is not so difficult to become intelectual comparing how is difficult to love wholeheartedly. And that is what many animals know very well. TO LOVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

    Thank you million times, for this inspiration. I promise I will speak more about our animal friends on my blog in the future, I introduced tag animal_rights, and perhaps there are many more tags that we can open which are not opened yet.

    I promise I will write more about animals in the future!


    your friend Dejan from Belgrade, Serbia.

  5. Michèle Says:

    I agree with you all ! I’m against the use of fur in clothes as well, and against the use of animals in testing as well…

  6. Jackie Says:

    Thank you for your sentiments. I really appreciate your thoughts.

    I thought you might be interested in checking out this podcast I think you’ll really appreciate the host’s perspective. I’ve gotten so much out of it and think you will, too. Take care!

  7. Dejan Says:

    Thanks Jackie. I will keep in mind that address. I checked it out and I like it. Every sincere effort is not in vain! There is a lot of creative space on what we can do to help animals.

  8. icedmocha Says:

    Well said. You expressed your thoughts on this issue very clearly and eloquently. It would do humankind good to find more caring in our hearts.

  9. Pulkit Says:

    Nice Krishna’s pic…

  10. Krishna123 Says:

    I am a great lover of animals especially cows. I love them so much and I want to do something in order to protect them from all danger

  11. Krishna123 Says:

    I feel sad when I see poor animals starving and when I see stray dogs and cows in the roadsides, I feel sad and I wish & pray that no animal should starve.

  12. Rani Says:

    I agree with Krishna123

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