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Now there are so many new things that I will have to learn about blogging in WordPress.

When I wrote and send last few comments, I noticed message that my comment is waiting for moderation. What’s that??? So, I had to browse a bit on the subject on, and here it is what they say

WordPress runs a number of tests on each new comment before posting it to your blog. If a comment fails one of these tests, it is not displayed immediately on the site but is placed in a queue for moderation, the process of manual approval or deletion by the blog’s administrator.

Oh, I never liked tests in school. Uh huh. Now what kind of tests are they speaking about.

The first option is to hold comments for moderation if they contain an unusually large number of hyperlinks. Most normal comments contain at most one or two links while spam comments often have a large number. Look at your own comments and set this to a value that makes sense for your audience.

Ah, there it is! So, this is the solution for my problem. I usually have manner to put hyperlinks in comments, like I do in posts, to make it easier for people who read them. They can just click on comment and go on the page I am refering to, instead of copying and pasting the link in the browser.

If you go to Options –> Discussion –> Comment Moderation you will read this

Comment Moderation

Hold a comment in the queue if it contains 2 or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)

I erased the above 2 and wrote 10 instead. So, now everyone is free to comment on my blog with many hyperlinks if he wishes so. There is no need to treat someone as a spammer just because he provided you hyperlinks. And what if one day when your blog grows big enough and perhaps attract many spammers – well you can always erase that 10 and write again 2.

And what, dear reader of this post, if someone commented on your blog with more than 2 hyperlinks, and now that comment is not published but waits in queue for moderation, and you are totally unaware of that?

Well, you can be aware of that if you do the following. Click on

Comments –> Awaiting Moderation(0)

If there is zero inside the brackets, that means there are no comments waiting for moderation. But if there are some, you can allow them to be published.

Complete text about comment moderation you can find here.


4 Responses to “comment moderation”

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